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Florist Wedding Proposal Template Bundle

Florist Wedding Proposal Template Bundle

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Just starting out and need a florist contract, proposal and email templates? With years of experience in the corporate world, I was immersed in legal language, spreadsheets and emails daily. I always looked for quick and easy ways to get my work done fast and efficiently. This bundle includes the florist contract, florist wedding proposal, email florist templates and BONUS welcome package. 


This Professional Legal Floral Contract shows your clients that you are professional, prepared, and you care about their wedding floral details. This PDF is the exact floral contract I use for my wedding clients.

LEGALDISCLAIMER: Although I have experience in law, I am not a lawyer. Luminous Blooms is not liable for any losses or damages related to this contract. Each contract should be modified to meet the specific rules and statutes of your state or country and reviewed by an attorney.


After using a floral wedding proposal software for a couple of years, I became fed up how costly they are. Therefore, with my extensive computer knowledge, I launched my own wedding proposal template. This spreadsheet includes a proposal and it more than does the job. It generates a beautiful PDF wedding floral proposal that can be emailed to your client.

 Features Included are:

  • Color Palette Inspiration
  • Inspiration Photo Area where upto 3 photos can be added
  • Line Items for each of your arrangements
  • Proposal subtotals and totals that automatically generate upon entering information

A step by step video on how to use the proposal template is included for you to help you easily navigate through the spreadsheet. Beginning Excel experience recommended in order to use this spreadsheet more easily.

No more monthly or yearly fees. Purchase once and the proposal template is yours to use forever! BONUS My own sample of wedding florist verbiage included in the proposal to help you in the process of completing your proposal.


We created customizable email templates for florists to ensure that you never forget information in your emails and save time. ​This download includes my exact email templates in a PDF design so you can easily copy and paste and use these same templates yourself. ​ ​


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