Owner and floral designer, Dolores, loved flowers ever since she was a child. Her mom encouraged her to start her own garden in 6th grade. The very first flower she planted was a poppy. Each year she would plant different seeds and learned from early on that it takes practice and time. During her high school years, Dolores volunteered at a local hospital flower shop.  During her twenties she worked alongside with flower professionals in the Chicago area to further advance her floral skills. In 2011, she launched Luminous Blooms. Today, as the founder and creative lead of Luminous Blooms, her floral artistry skills are applied by creating arrangements for weddings and events.  She also continues gardening and grows hundreds of flowers from seed and bulb including ranunculus, dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, just to name a few. Dolores strongly believes and constantly pursues floral education on a yearly basis for added growth in the field.  Currently Luminous Blooms & Gardens operates out of a private studio in Highland Park, Illinois and provides fresh florals for weddings, events, private workshops and daily deliveries. 

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