blueberry bushes in michigan

Nurturing Nature

Spraying pesticides and fungicides has become the norm around these grounds in Michigan. So much that the Jersey variety of blueberries are known to have gall wasp, a pest that is destroying the berries.

The next few years we will be nurturing the farm back to the way it was intended to be: a balanced eco system with healthy flowers, animals and environment.

We will approach the farm using "regenerative" farming techniques and never spray with chemicals. Doing so, we can harvest fresh healthy blueberries. Regenerative farming focuses on the health of the soil. Healthy soil is the key to successful farming.

You can read more about our journey in our blog.


Because It's Better to Give

Our goal is to be able to support communities around us by restoring our blueberry farm. We are passionate about serving our community and want our farm to be able to give to those around.

Stay tuned to hear of our upcoming community projects.