Top 3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Top 3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Top 5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

By: Dolores Vlad, Owner and Designer of Luminous Blooms

Looking for Mother's Day Gift Ideas? Look no further. Let's dive in for our top 5 Mother's Day Gift ideas.

1. Mom Mug. Give her mom a mug that will always make her think of you and give a smile on her face, even at 6am in the morning.

2. Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden Book. What mom doesn't love a great garden book? We personally know Erin, the author of the book. She provides great amount of information how to grow gardens on a small scale. Add the 3 sets of floral notebooks (journal notebooks, just the right size to toss in your bag with gorgeous photos). We own both the book and are constantly giving the notebooks as gifts.

3. Floral Snips and Compote Vase. Wow your mom with brand new floral snips (we have multiple of these in our shop) and pair it with a beautiful compote vase. Then buy flowers from Trader Joes or our high end garden roses and arrange flowers together. Need a floral frog hairpin? Order one online (aforal sells them at a hefty price) or use chicken wire instead.

4. Ceramic Planter with Mosquito Plant. We actually plant mosquito plants (Home Depot) each year and place a planter near our door and under our patio table. We rarely see mosquitos getting in the house and who want to get bitten while eating dinner outdoors? Act fast though, Home Depot quickly sells out of the plants.

5. Flower Basket. Purchase a basket. Purchase a couple of flower pots at your local nursery. Line the basket with plastic. Arrange the pots in the basket (aim for 3-5 plants) and add Spanish moss to cover up any gaps. This is a lovely way to bless your mom with a gift you made yourself.

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