The Newest Addition: Our Blueberry Farm

The Newest Addition: Our Blueberry Farm

We bought a farm in Michigan! It’s actually not just any farm, it’s a blueberry with over 2000 blueberry bushes. The bushes sit on 14 acres of land.

In the past month, it has been one roller coaster ride learning the ins and outs about blueberry farming. A lot of thought has been poured into what exactly we will be doing with the farm. After much prayer and research we have decided to keep the blueberry bushes and only remove less than a quarter of an acre of the bushes. We will then use those rows for flowers and vegetables. 

It has been very challenging figuring out the machinery needed on a farm. We are basically clueless and without experience, but where there is a will there is a way. Last week we took soil samples and sent them in for testing. We are currently still waiting for the results. We are testing the health of the soil as well as the nutrients the soil currently has in it. We do know that the soil is slightly acidic because blueberry bushes love acidic soil.

We also ordered compost soil from Dairy Doo. Dairy Doo is an excellent company in Michigan providing sustainable, organic compost. The goal is before the ground freezes, to plant 100 peonies. This year we are starting with 100 peonies and then we will see what we will do in the coming years. We’ve also ordered different types of fruit trees such as apples, pears, peaches, walnuts, raspberry bushes and strawberries from Stark Bros Nursery and Johnny’s Seeds. Hundreds of flower  and vegetable plugs have been ordered from Farmer Bailey and dahlia tubers from Ball Seed as well and are expected to arrive in the Spring. Our goal is to implement organic and regenerative farming practices and stay away from spraying. We also hope to offer weekly fresh blueberries delivered to your door.  Stay tuned as we will be blogging regularly and sharing our farming adventures.

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