DIY Centerpieces

DIY Centerpieces

I'd like to share a quick easy centerpiece that you can use for bridal showers, baby showers, boho inspired weddings or just a summer fun wedding.

You will need:

1. green amaranthus

2. favorite flowers (I used sunflowers, yellow wild flowers and tiger lilies from the garden)

3. flower cutters

4. small vases (I purchased mine from Good Will)

Take your fav flower and place each stem diagonally in your vase, creating an X. This makes a grid like system which helps hold the stems together in your vase. Make sure to give your flowers a fresh cut and cut in a diagonal. This will help the stems drink water. Also, take off any leaves that will fall below the water line in your vase. Leaves in water create bacteria. Couple of tips: Arrange flowers in 1's, 3's, 5's, etc. This is esthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, cut the stems using different lengths to create a natural look, although you do want to keep in mind not to keep the stems too long. This blocks visibility across the table. Next, cut the amaranthus tassels off your stem and take off any remaining foliage. Place your arranged small vases in the middle of your table. Then around your vases wildly lay the amaranthus tassels until you achieve your desired look. Enjoy!

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