Couple with Style

Couple with Style

I first met with Jessica and Andrew a couple months ago at Starbucks on Irving Park. They were quiet but ready to go over the details for their wedding. Secretly inside I was so honored that Jessica had chose us to be her florist. I mean the girl is an interior designer. I could immediately see she has class and style.

The couple was inspired by the geometric and fern look. They wanted their aisle to be full of flowing fern and tables to have tall gold stands and short geometric hexagons with flowers flowing out of them. In order to fulfill this vision we reached out to our welding guy, Roberto. Roberto, with Chicago Wire Design, is a funny guy, although he might not think so. His office is tucked away in a corner on the 2nd floor of his warehouse. He wears a heavy chained gold necklace and big gold rings. His team is very talented and always nails my designs I send to him. Kudos to Ema Candreanu for referring him to me.

Back to Jessica and Andrew. Their wedding was held at Danada House in Wheaton. The place is gorgeous. Luscious landscapes with vintage housing and a stable. I was surprised to find out it is owned by the forest preserve of DuPage County. The place boasts a lovely outdoor terrace where brides can hold their ceremony outside. Some of the staff running the place are not very friendly and accommodating (keeping it REAL), but hopefully it is just a fluke. I also have to mention the wedding planner, Julie with Julie B Events. This woman is super sweet and down to earth. She was super accommodating and helpful. I love it when the wedding planner is easy going and thoughtful. Ok, so, long story short, Jessica's and Andrew's wedding was just super gorgeous. I think you had enough of my reading. Just look at the pictures above and you will see for yourself.

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